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European Training Program

The EA training program in Europe is taught entirely in English by the CEAL Faculty. This program was especially designed for those living outside the United States that would like to take the full training program but may have difficulty managing the extra financial and logistical difficulties with traveling to the US each year. 

The curriculum is the same as the full Advanced Diploma program but the format is designed for more in-person meetings. The increase in in-person seminars greatly increases the cohesion and group dynamic of the cohort. As well, it allows for us to meet for fewer hours Online via Zoom. The successful completion of the program will award the student with a postgraduate Advanced Diploma in Existential Analysis & Logotherapy by both the Center for Existential Analysis & Logotherapy (USA) and the GLE-International (Austria). This diploma certifies the individual as an Existential Analyst.

Program Details

Meetings Format

  • Live Online Seminars 2x per month on Thursdays 6pm-9pm Central European Time 

  •  2 In-Person seminars per year (October & March) that meet for 5 days each in Athens, Greece


Year 1:

Introduction and framework of Existential Analysis​:

Definition and area of application of EA and LT

History and development of modern EA and LT

Psychometric methods of EA and LT

1st Fundamental Existential Dimension: existence in the world and personal trust:

The ability “to be” as one of the key issues of existence

Protective coping skills of insecurity and endurance

Being able to accept life outcomes

Development of trust and courage

Relationship with the body

Topics related to 1st FM: fear, anxiety, safety, trust, acceptance


2nd Fundamental Existential Dimension: Life and personal attitude:

Values and preferences as the key issues of life

Loss of life, grief, coping reactions, sadness

The existential act of "turning towards" as a means of "encounter"

Study of values (axiology)

Study of emotions and emotion theory

Fundamental values, fundamental attitudes

Topics related to 2nd FM: love, self-acceptance, joy, enjoyment, values

Year 2:

3rd Fundamental Existential Dimension: Personality development, self-esteem, identity, self-worth

The ability to be oneself as one of the key issues of “Personhood”

Loss of self; protective coping reactions, forgiveness, regret, remorse

Ethics & moral conscience

Personal position taking, self-distancing, self-transcendence

Topics related to 3rd FM: boundaries, self-worth, authenticity

4th Fundamental Existential Dimension: Existential meaning

The reason for existence

Meaning blocks and felt loss of meaning in life; coping reactions for loss of meaning; "Existential turn"

The will to live with meaning, method of finding meaning

Will-power; will strengthening method

The study of meaning; crisis intervention, the attitude change method

Related topics: spirituality; purpose, target setting, existential vacuum

Year 3:

Therapeutic understanding and treatment of Anxiety and related suffering and disorders

Fear, phobia, panic, obsessvie-compulsion; fearful personality disorder​

Nosology and psychopathology

Phenomenology and the experience of fears & anxieties

Etiology, dynamics and forms of fears and anxiety related symptoms

Existential analytic understanding of anxiousness

Specific therapy and specific techniques to work with anxiety and anxiety related disorders

Therapeutic understanding and treatment of Depression and related suffering and disorders

Phenomenology and the experience of depression and grief

Etiology, dynamics and forms of depression

Existential analytic understanding of depression

Depressive personality

Specific Therapy and specific techniques to work with depression and depression related disorders

Personality disorders (histrionic, narcissistic and borderline)

Nosology and psychopathology

Phenomenology and the experience

Etiology, dynamics and forms of personality disorders

Existential analytic understanding of fixated personality dynamics 

Specific therapy and specific techniques

Year 4:

Existential analytic understanding and therapeutic treatment of:

Trauma, addictions, relationship counseling, suicidality, existential crises of meaning, psychosis, psychosomatics

Other general themes for therapeutic training:

Diagnoses from an EA perspective

Healthy – sick: psychopathology from an EA perspective

Levels of suffering (neurosis – personality disorders  psychoses)

Elements of efficacy in psychotherapy

Therapeutic relationship dynamics



The program tuition is a flat fee of €350 per month. There is no additional fee for the in-person seminars.

Feira de Ladra

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