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Dedicated to advancing the theory and practice of Existential Analysis through research and in-depth, experiential training programs.
Training Programs

The training programs offered by the CEAL are designed to be in-depth and experiential. The format is designed to focus first on the personal development of the person of the trainee through an understanding of the concepts that are elaborated in the training and how these themes emerge in our own lives. This approach facilitates a richer, more authentic understanding of each concept and makes it more accessible to the therapist when it is encountered with clients.

About Existential Analysis


Existential Analysis can be described as phenomenological and person-oriented psychotherapy designed to help the person to realize a more fulfilled existence by developing the capacity to make authentic decisions while being fully conscious of both one's freedom and one’s responsibility.

About Dr. Alfried Längle

"The essential task of existence is to find this correspondence between our potential for participation (creativity, action, encounter) and what is possible, needed, or still not yet done, and what we see, feel and understand to be waiting for us despite the possibility of risk and error."  - Alfried Längle, MD, PhD

About CEAL

CEAL is the home of the only training program in the United States that is affiliated with the International Society of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (GLE-International) and offers a complete training in existential analytical psychotherapy and counseling.


Existential Analysis is grounded in the anthropological concepts of Viktor Frankl, MD and has been further developed and elobarated by Alfried Längle, MD, PhD (Vienna, Austria). The theoretical foundation of EA is deeply rooted in existential and phenomenological philosophy. The psychotherapeutic practice of EA is a person-centered, phenomenological approach that is applicable to treat all kinds of personal and psychological problems.

The training programs offered in Existential Analysis are fully accredited by the International Society of Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, Vienna and are under the direct guidance of and taught by Alfried Längle, MD, PhD and other faculty of the CEAL.  


Upcoming Online Introductory Courses


December 3-5, 2021

This Introductory seminar is for individuals looking for either:

  • professional development geared toward existential psychotherapy

  • or for those interested in the official certification/diploma EA training program for becoming an Existential Counsellor or Analyst.


The Introduction to EA is a 3-day online seminar. These 3 days are required to be completed as a gateway to the certification and diploma programs.



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